RM08 JDC Bead Roller 22 Ga Sheet Metal Bead Forming Machine Rotary Machines HVAC Ductwork Machines

0.8mm/22 gauge mild steel capacity. 177mm/7” throat depth. Manual crank handle moves the rolls and pulls the material through. You can feed the material from the left or right of the machine. 2 adjustable depth stops (one on each side) help you make straight,repeatable lines. Top knob lets you adjust the forming depth and bring the rolls together. Comes with 6 forming rolls, popular for HVAC projects: ¼” turning, ⅛” turning, wiring, crimping, burring, and ogee beads. Tooling changes are fast and simple. Base clamp can attach to your table or bench, or JDCoptional stand for RM08