hand Shear & Guide

Accessory for Magnetic Sheetmetal Bending Machines

The hand Shear provides a convenient means for cutting sheetmetal using the Magetic sheet metal brake to both hold the sheet and to guide the cutter.


For use with a Magnetic sheet metal brake, the shear has been fitted with a special magnetic guide.  Considerable advantage is obtained when using this shear in conjunction with a Magnetic sheet metal brake Sheetmetal folder. The Magnetic sheet metal brake provides both a means of holding the workpiece fixed while being cut and also a means for guiding the tool so that very straight cutting is possible. Cuts of any length can be handled in steel up to 1.0 mm thick or aluminium up to 1.2 mm thick.  To use the Power Shear and Guide:  First place the sheetmetal workpiece under the clampbar of the Magnetic sheet metal brake and position it so that the cutting line is exactly 1 mm in front of the edge of the Bending Beam. Switch-on the clamping force by selecting the ‘AUX CLAMP’ position on the toggle switch located next to the Magnetic sheet metal brake’s main ON/OFF switch. This will hold the workpiece firmly in position. (This auxiliary switch will be factory fitted if the shear is ordered with the Magnetic sheet metal brake . If the shear is ordered separately, an easily fitted Auxiliary Switch Kit will be supplied.) Position the shear at the right-hand end of the Magnetic sheet metal brake and ensure that the magnetic guide attachment engages on the front edge of the Bending Beam. Start the power shear and then push it evenly along until the cut is completed.