Following many requests I am now adding detailed drawings of the Magnabend centreless hinges to this website.

Please note however that these hinges are too difficult to make for a one-off machine..

The main parts of the hinge require accurate casting (for example by the investment process) or machining by NC methods.

Hobbyists should probably not try to make this hinge.

However manufacturers may find these drawings very helpful.

(For an easier to manufacture hinge the recently developed HEMI-HINGE is recommended.  See a full description and drawings here).

The Magnabend CENTRELESS COMPOUND HINGE was invented by Mr Geoff Fenton and it was patented in many countries. (The patents have now expired).

The design of these hinges allows the Magnabend machine to be completely open-ended.

The bending beam pivots around a virtual axis, typically slightly above the working surface of the machine, and the beam can swing through a full 180 degrees of rotation.

In the drawings and images below only a single hinge assembly is shown. However in order to define a hinge axis at least 2 hinge assemblies must be installed.

Hinge Assembly and Parts Identification (bending beam at 180 degrees):