FP30 Manual Steel Plate Bending machine,galvanized/aluminum/sheet Bending Machine(Export Germany Quality)No clamp

Manual Steel Plate Bending machine,
desktop small work steel/galvanized/aluminum/sheet
Bending Machine
(the picture show clamp not included)
Product Name: Manual Bending Machine
Product Size: 340 * 50 * 635mm (L * W * H)
Product packaging: foam + paper carton
(Note: Clamp is not included !! the machine need to fixed in clamp)
Product weight: 10kg
Bending degree:90degree
Max.Bending thickness: 2.5mm (sheet width less than 50mm)
Max.Bending Width: 300mm (thickness less than 1mm)
Min.Bending Width: more than 12mm
This product can be rolled steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum, etc.,
also work for diameter less than 5mm wire.
Note: not work for stainless steel
Note: not work for stainless steel