Discountable price Harbor Freight Metal Brake - hydraulic riveting machine – JINDONGCHENG

Direction for use
1. After receiving the device, please check the integrity of the device, if there is damage or bruising, please contact us first.
 2. Untie the hose and cable stoid around the motor and straighten it straight, add the 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil to the tank and check the tank for oil leakage.
3. Connect the motor to the power supply and turn on the power switch until the motor is running properly, it can be used properly.
  • Performance Features

It's widely used for riveting angle steel flange and galvanized sheet metal because the machine is easy to operate and move.
DYM - 1
Pressure / MPa
10 - 12
Rivet / mm
4x10 / 5x10
Power / kw