51″ 1300mm Acrylic Plastic PVC Bending Machine upgraded version with Infrared Ray Calibration 220V Fast Shipping

1300mm Acrylic Plastic PVC Bending Machine Upgraded version Lightbox Letter Strip Infrared Heaters

Acrylic bending machine is also called plastic plate bending machine, soften and bend the plastic plate by heating

1. Temperature adjustable during 0--600 C, according to different thickness of sheet.
2. Adopted advanced infrared heating technology and circulating water cooling system, ensure fast cooling.
3. According to different material and thickness of sheet, heating gaps width can be adjustable from 0 to 20mm.
4. Standard configuration: water pump and water tube
5,This is upgraded version:Equipped with length and angle positioning parts, angle adjustable from 0-160 degrees, length adjustable from 40-330mm, standardizing product production to meet the needs of mass production
Application materials: Plastic plate, Acrylic, Plexiglass, PVC, PC, ABS, PP etc.(If you don't ensure whether It's suitable,please contact with us.) Specifications
Voltage: AC220v
Power: 1500w
Theory: Thermal forming
Heating tube length 1300mm,Max bending length<= 1250mm.
Applicable thickness: 1-10mm
Heating gap width adjustable: 0-20mm
Temperature range: 0-600 C
Pump power: 40w
Standard configuration: water pump and water tube
Outline size: 190*43*21cm
1.Equipped circulating cooling water system, replace the water after heavy and long time working, temperature up to 50 C.
2.Ensure the machine cool completely, turn off the heating tube gap after working.