16-32mm Hydraulic PEX Pipe Crimping Pliers with TH Contour Hand Press Plier Tool Kit with Calibrators and Bending Springs

Hydraulic pex pipe tube crimping tool CW-1632 Item Model:CW-1632(Tube press tool) Crimping force :10Ton Stroke:16mm-32mm Length:400mm Package:Plastic case Crimping die for TH type:Φ16mm, Φ20mm, Φ26mm, Φ32mm Features 1. Hydraulic crimping tool for connecting fitting with pipe. 2.Well balanced barycenter, little angled wire pressing head meet with human-machinery engineering theory, operation more easy. 3.All stressing parts made of special steel treatment with quenching. Product Features: 1. hydraulic work, more effort. 2. Can be transposed mold, the same tools can be crimped into 16-32mm from the different specifications of pipe fittings. 3. For plastic pipes, PEX pipes, lead pipes and other accessories brass, copper header, stainless steel compression sleeve, aluminum, copper jacket cover.